Alice (Rozen Maiden)

The Alice Game is the "game" or battle that all of the Rozen Maiden must participate in to meet Rozen, their so called Father.


The Alice Game is an idea by Rozen to find the doll who is worthy enough to become "the perfect girl", Alice. It is said that whoever becomes Alice is loved most by Father and will be able to personally meet him. All of the Rozen Maidens must participate in The Alice Game, although some of them, such as Suiseiseki, Shinku, and Hinaichigo, do not wish to take away each other's Rosa Mysticae through the game. At the end of Rozen Maiden Träumend, Rozen tells Shinku that there is another way to become Alice without playing the Alice Game. However, it is unknown as to what that is exactly.
The Alice game may be started with any amount of Rozen Maidens in anytime or anywhere, though mostly occurring in the so called N-Fields, artificial worlds which were created for the game.


Alice is known as the "perfect girl" in the Rozen Maiden series; she is also the winner of the Alice Game. Whoever becomes 'Alice' in the Alice Game gets to meet Rozen, or "Father", as the Rozen Maidens call him. As described by Shinku, Alice is "more pure than any gem, more noble than any flower, unspoiled and flawless." She has also been considered to only exist within Rozen's mind. Shinku has also stated that Rozen's attempts at creating Alice resulted in him creating the Rozen Maiden Dolls, but all of the attempts failed, and that led to the Alice Game.
Alice is shown in the anime, in one episode and in the introductory clip of the first season, and the same view of her is given in the manga; she is only shown as a silhouette of a beautiful doll. She bears a resemblance to Suigintou, or rather, Suigintou bears a resemblance to her, since Alice appears to have wings.
There are a few Rozen Maidens that do not want to be Alice because it would mean taking away other dolls' Rosa Mystica by defeating them in battle. Two of these dolls are Hinaichigo and Suiseiseki.
When Shinku was made, Rozen thought that Shinku might be similar to Alice. In fact, she was described as being "more noble than any flower, more pure than any jewel, unspoiled, and the perfect girl." At the end of Rozen Maiden Träumend. Rozen tells Shinku that there may be another way to become Αlice.

Rosa Mystica


Souseiseki's Rosa Mystica

Rosae Mysticae are the artificial life forces that the Rozen Maidens possess. They are in the form of small sparkling gems, each surrounded by several glowing orbitals, similar to the structure of an atom.
Once a Rozen Maiden loses her Rosa Mystica, it is absorbed into the body of the maiden who has defeated her. A Rozen Maiden turns into a regular doll after having lost her Rosa Mystica. On the other hand, the doll who absorbs a Rosa Mystica will not only become stronger, but will also gain the abilities and powers of that doll.[1]
It is shown that the Rosa Mystica can choose it's allegiance, as Souseiseki's Rosa Mystica went to Barasuishou to join Suiseiseki's, when Suigintou was defeated, while Suigintou's went to Shinku.[2] Once all seven Rosa Mysticae are absorbed within one of the maidens, it is believed that she will turn into Alice, the perfect girl. However, so far, anything other than the original seven Rozen Maidens that attempts to absorb the Rosae Mysticae will not be able to contain it, and will be destroyed, as shown by the fate of Barasuishou.[3]

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