Artificial Spirits


The Artificial Spirits are tiny orbs of light that accompany the Rozen Maiden, which have a sentience and intelligence of their own. While they usually co-operate with their masters in battle, they may also take actions contrary to their master's wishes. Meimei has been seen trying to compel Suigintou to drink tea even though she did not wish to, and based on her response in another situation, Suigintou's spirits appear to be chastising her for being combative with Shinku. Additionally, they can remain conscious and active even when their master is not, as seen when Suigintou's spirits comes to warn Shinku of their master's condition, and help by closing Shinku's case when she lends it to the firstborn doll.
They appear to communicate in a silent language (possibly telepathic) which the dolls understand, as the dolls appear to hold 1-sided conversations with them, and are able to affect material objects, as they are able to carry their doll's ring to a prospective master, and with the help of another they are even able to lift a teacup and saucer. They may not have to come in direct contact with whatever object they lift, but appear to require some level of proximity to affect it.
The spirits appear to survive the death of the dolls, implying they may be tied to the Rosa Mysticae, which empower the dolls. It is suggested that they transfer their partnership to whichever doll holds the Rosa Mystica, even if that doll killed their former master.

List of Artifial Spirits

  1. Meimei (belong to Suigintou) and is turquoise in color in second anime and purple in first anime
  2. Pizzicato (belong to Kanaria) and is yellow in color
  3. Sui Dream (belong to Suiseiseki) and is green in color
  4. Lempicka (belong to Souseiseki) and is blue in color
  5. Holie (belong to Shinku) is red in color
  6. Berrybell (belong to Hinaichigo) and is pink in color
  7. Rosary (belong to Kirakishou)

It is unknown if Barasuishou have spirits, as they are not seen with them, or if they need them at all.


Artificial Spirits

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