• Enju: Enju, who Barasuishou addresses as "Father," is her creator, as shown in episode 12 of Träumend and Episode 1 of Ouvertüre. Enju was an apprentice of Rozen's, who was jealous of his master. Enju created her to collect the Rozen Maidens' Rosae Mysticae and become the ultimate doll to prove he had surpassed his master. Though Barasuishou did collect the six Rosa Mysticae (more accurately, the six known ones, considering Kirakishou had not been introduced at this point), she was unable to contain their power, and, as she cried out to her "Father," she began to crumble to pieces, and Enju lamented the destruction of his creation as he held her disintegrating body to his. They both disappeared in a brilliant flash of light, and their fate remains unknown.

  • Suigintou: Barasuishou managed to convince Suigintou that collecting a Rosa Mystica will help heal her medium of her disease, thus they often teamed up together against the other dolls in the Alice Game.

  • Kanaria: Barasuishou was not merciful to Kanaria when she snatches Suiseiseki's Rosa Mystica. She killed Kanaria with one blow.

  • Souseiseki: Barasuishou first managed to trick Souseiseki with an image of "Father", crying in despair to convince the others to fight in the Alice Game.

  • Shinku: Barasuishou seems to have an odd interest in her, just like Enju's admiration of her in fighting.

  • Kirakishou: Although Kirakishou and Barasuishou have never met, as Barasuishou only existed in the anime and died before Kirakishou was introduced, Barasuishou's overall design is extremely similiar to hers.

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