• AdamantiumBladez

    Confirmed: New Rozen Maiden Manga Series has just started since March 2016 titled: "Rozen Maiden Zero"

    Set in Tokyo, during the Taishō Period (July 30th, 1912, to December 25th, 1926), a young maid called Kiku (菊(きく)), goes up into the attic of the mansion she works in one day and discovers a porcelain doll with a key inside a box. The key has a message: "To wind, or not to wind". Winding the key, she awakens the Third Rozen Maiden doll, Suiseiseki from her sleep. Meanwhile, the young master she works for makes contact at the top of the Ryōunkaku (凌雲閣, lit. Cloud-Surpassing Pavilion) with the First Rozen Maiden, Suigintou, who reveals that there is an eighth doll; the "Zeroth" Rozen Maiden".

    The first couple of chapters have already been tra…

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  • Curenatsuki

    Hi everyone! I'm sure lots of Rozen Maiden fans have ideas of other dolls (like me), so I created the Fandom of Rozen Maiden Wiki. You can add your idea of a doll on there! So please come and help make the Fandom of Rozen Maiden Wiki a better place! Thank you so much!

    Here's the link: Fandom of Rozen Maiden Wiki

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  • Curenatsuki

    New Anime Series???!!!

    January 23, 2013 by Curenatsuki

    Hello everyone! Is it really true that there's going to be a new anime series coming out htis year??? I heard this news just today and want to know if it is correct. Is it really really true??? Kyaa!!! I am so going to watch it if there is!!! 

    So, is there a new anime series?

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