Die Romane der Rozen Maiden: Schwarzer Wind
Schwarzer wind
Kanji N/A
Rōmaji N/A
Manga Information
Writer Chaboh Higurashi[1]
Illustrator Otoufu
Publisher Gentōsha Comics
Original Run November 30, 2006 (Date Published)
Chapters 4

Die Romane der Rozen Maiden: Schwarzer Wind is a light-novel that focuses on the Dreamworld.


“It’s been swallowed up…and now it’s gone…”

When the Rozen Maidens go to visit the world of dreams, something is consuming it! To protect it, the dolls take action. A new battle, between the Rozen Maidens and the monster attacking the world of dreams, will begin!![2]


List of Chapters


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