Floor 3
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Volume Rozen Maiden 0 - Volume 1
Chapter 3
Release Date April 19th, 2019
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Floor 3 is the third chapter of Rozen Maiden 0.


Hana finds herself in the Miniature Garden.

Meanwhile, Otoshi tells Kiku that Hana has likely run off to elope, but she should still locate her. Suiseiseki from inside a bag Kiku is holding urges her to go to the Youunkaku already. Just then, the young master enters the room and offers Kiku a ride to the Youunkaku, as he is headed there too with his car.

Hana is seen at the dining table in the Miniature Garden with Hinaichigo and Kanaria. The two dolls bicker over how to fix a watch. Hana wonders if this scene is the result of her working herself too hard, but Kanaria explains that this is the place where Rozen Maiden wait until the next time they are wound up. Hana asks if there is any way out of this and is told there is one.

During the car ride, Suiseiseki encourages Kiku to talk. The young master tells Kiku that he saw a different Rozen Maiden last night.

Kanaria and Hinaichigo show Hana a well. Kanaria explains that they need to try to dip the watch into the well and gives Hana her umbrella. Hana objects to her being designated the one to go in. They push her in anyway as Hana screams about her fear of heights.

Kiku and the young master naturally do not find Hana in the Youunkaku. Suiseiseki urges Kiku to fulfill her end their promise. As Kiku attempts to express her gratitude to the young master, Suiseiseki looks through the binoculars.

As Hana falls, she sees many strange objects floating around. A series of photographs catches her attention. She sees one of the Youunkaku but notes that it may not be the same building, as it is damaged. She sees a large image of Shinku below her and looks up to see Suiseiseki's eyes in large above her. Hana then materializes in the air on top of the Youunkaku, crashing into the young master.

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