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Volume Rozen Maiden 0 - Volume 1
Chapter 5
Release Date July 19th, 2016
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Floor 5 is the fifth chapter of Rozen Maiden 0.


Suiseiseki wakes up and tells Kiku that she had a dream. She notices Kiku crying in relief over her and Kiku tells her that she was worried she would never talk to Suiseiseki again. Suiseiseki hugs her and after a short exchange informs Kiku that she has remembered her twin sister.

Hana arrives home with the case. When the light does not come on she voices her dislike of being poor in Tokyo. She opens the case, gushing over the doll inside, and notices a wind-up key.

Nearby, the young master arrives in his car.

Hana looks on in disbelief as the doll stands before her and introduces herself as Souseiseki. The young master barges in and demands to be Souseiseki's master only to be met with Hana's disapproval and Souseiseki informing him that only the person who wound her can be her master. Hana readily agrees to be Souseiseki's master and elsewhere Kiku is shown accepting Suiseiseki as her doll, forming a ring because of it. The young master asks Souseiseki if she can answer some questions about Shinku and the rest of the dolls.

The three are seen much later at the top of the Youunkaku. Hana gives Souseiseki permission to tell the young master about Shinku. Souseiseki agrees to this and kisses the new ring on Hana's hand, forging their contract. As Hana breaks out into a startled blush over this, Souseiseki explains that it is proof they have accepted each other. Elsewhere, Suiseiseki explains the same to Kiku.

The scene switches between locations as Souseiseki and Suiseiseki both explain. Souseiseki says that there are only 6 Rozen Maiden right now, as Rozen is still making the seventh. Suiseiseki tells Kiku that there is a different world named the N-Field where she went back to when she dreamed. The young master asks about the Zeroth Doll and if his knowledge of her being a prototype made and destroyed before Suigintou was created was correct. His information is confirmed correct and as her destruction is discussed, Suiseiseki briefly sees her hands fall apart. Suiseiseki tells Kiku that she saw a fragment of the Zeroth doll's dream. It is explained that though the Zeroth doll is gone, she is still dreaming.

Just then, an earthquake hits. Souseiseki leaps into action cutting vines around the tower of the Youunkaku. This stops the earthquake from continuing. The dolls explain that the Youunkaku is where the dream of the Zeroth doll is connected to reality and that if they can't wake her, the vines will eventually cover the world, destroying the city in the process.

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