Kanji 銀華
Rōmaji Ginka
Gender Female
Status Deceased[1]
Alice Game
Number Zeroth Rozen Maiden ("Zeroth Doll")
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Manga Floor 6

Ginka (銀華 Ginka) was a doll created by Rozen during his numerous attempts to create the perfect girl before finally creating the Rozen Maiden dolls.


Ginka was smashed to pieces before completion and her form closest to completion is unknown. The pieces of her body are stored with the smashed remains of every other doll Rozen did not complete. Her name is given to her by Suigintou.

After being smashed her dream continued on. Left to grow, it soon began to have an effect on reality. The point where her dream and reality connecting being the Youunkaku.[2] Her dream would also affect the Rozen Maidens causing mostly memory loss and the entrapment of several of them.

Her dream would finally come to rest when Tefuko gave Souseiseki Ginka's song and she, and everyone else within the N-Field, sang it together. This caused enough unisons to free Suiseiseki, the last doll captured, from Ginka's dream.[1]



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