Hana color
Rōmaji Hana
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Occupation Elevator Girl
Status Alive (as of Rozen Maiden 0)
Alice Game
Partner Souseiseki[1] (Formerly)
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Manga Floor 1

Hana (華 Hana) was an elevator girl who worked at the Youunkaku in Tokyo during the Taisho era. She was a former master of Souseiseki.


Hana has short, wavy, light brown hair and usually has some sort of hat covering it. In flashbacks, her hair was a straight texture, suggesting that the wavy texture is her stylistic preference. Her eyes are brown.

Since she personally identifies as a moga ("modern girl") she owns and wears many different western-style clothes and frequently appears in different clothing. Because of this, the only reoccurring outfit she's seen in is her work outfit.


Hana is ambitious and quick to be envious, especially towards her sister, Kiku.

Her interactions with Souseiseki help her overcome her past with Kiku. After she finds out that her workplace will be destroyed at some point and that Souseiseki knows why, the two become involved with Kiku and the young master who are trying to solve the problem at large. She is at first unwilling to let Souseiseki spend time with the group but eventually she loosens up and even ends up herself joining them more often. When Souseiseki forces Hana into changing her mind on an order so Souseiseki can do what she wants to do and this ends up getting Souseiseki kidnapped, Hana decides to forgive her and says that it's all in the past showing Hana's increasing ability to make peace with past events.[2]

She has the ability to enter the Miniature Garden in the N-Field through use of her workplace elevator. This is a side effect of the building being where the world and the Zeroth Doll's dream meet. She appears to be the only person capable of this using an elevator.[3]


  • Hana mentions that she and Kiku were born in the same year, though Hana is younger.[4]
  • Coincidentally, her job is the same occupation as Saitou's character in the play Practica Dolls. Both are elevator girls.


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