Hana grew up in the Japanese countryside with her sister, Kiku. Hana fell out of a tree when she was a child and Kiku had to carry her back, an event that's left her with a fear of heights. Growing up, she was known as the most beautiful girl in the village and likely because of this, Kiku thought that Masao's frequent visits to their house was because he was interested in Hana and she told Hana this. She thought that maybe it would be ok if she became his wife since she wanted to move to the city and he would be a good method. Masao eventually confided to Hana that he was interested in Kiku and Hana couldn't bare to see either of them around so she moved to Tokyo on her own.[1]

After moving to Tokyo she cut off contact with Kiku and even her parents. She became involved in moga culture and at some point cut her hair.


Rozen Maiden 0

She goes missing after her workplace elevator takes her to a "thirteenth floor", which actually takes her to the Miniature Garden. She runs into Kanaria and Hinaichigo and spends time at the dinning table with them, thinking of this as a weird dream. The two dolls inform her that time has been stopped for a while now and if they can fix a watch it will resume again. They go to a well where Kanaria explains that if they could drip the watch into the waters of the well it could fix itself. Kanaria gives Hana her umbrella and then she and Hinaichigo push Hana into the well as Hana protests this, citing her fear of heights. As she descends the well, she sees images from different points of time including one of the Youunkaku destroyed, an image of Shinku is far below her and she looks up to see Suiseiseki's disembodied eyes through the lens of the binoculars large and staring down at her. She exits the well and lands on the top of the Youunkaku, passing out.[2]

She recovers in the first-class area of the tower to Kiku's voice. Hana figures that she just had a dream. When Kiku hugs her in relief, she pulls away and asks Kiku to not bother her again. She later discovers that she's been gone for two days, that she still has Kanaria's umbrella with her, and that it was no dream, the tower she saw was of the future. The young master visits her at work and asks her how she managed to get into the N-Field, Hana defuses to answer him. She decides that it would be a good idea to learn how she did it once the time came that the tower falls. She discovers Souseiseki's case in the elevator and takes it home.[1]

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