Tomoe Kashiwaba

At the beginning of the story, Tomoe is Hinaichigo's medium. Their tie which made Tomoe her medium was renounced by Hinaichigo after being told by Shinku she depended too much on Tomoe's energy and that continuing the fight would kill her medium. They continued to see each other afterwards.

Jun Sakurada

When Shinku won against Hinaichigo, Shinku did not take her Rosa Mystica, and allowed herself to be an inter-medium, so that Hinaichigo could tap into Jun's energy. However, Jun was not exactly Hinaichigo's medium, as he became her medium indirectly.

Nori Sakurada

In the manga, Nori was Hina Ichigo's temporary medium.

Corinne Fosset

Corinne was Hinaichigo's medium long before Tomoe. She received Hinaichigo in the wooden case on her 11th birthday. As the manga says, the two did everything and went everywhere together. They became inseparable until a catastrophic event happened in her life. She left Hinaichigo in her case unwillingly in her former house. When she returned several years later, the house was crushed, and seemingly along with it, Hinaichigo. Her dying wish was for her granddaughter, Odille Fosset, to find Hinaichigo and take her back to France.

Odille Fosset

Odille is Corinne's granddaughter, and was requested by her to find Hinaichigo and bring her back to France. She came to the Sakurada residence, revealing a ring, and claiming to be Hinaichigo's mistress. She said she received the ring from a white-clothed doll in a dream, and had believed the ring to be Corinne's contract ring from Hinaichigo. However, later it was revealed that the ring was actually a contract ring from Kirakishou.


Shinku was the first Rozen Maiden to welcome Hinaichigo into their sisterhood, and tried to to teach her how to behave like a proper lady, with limited success.[1] Hinaichigo often clings to Shinku when frightened, and their bond sometimes appears to be closer to that of mother and child, rather than sisters.  As further proof of their close bond, Shinku is repeatedly the Rozen Maiden who first obtains Hinaichigo's Rosa Mystica in the series, yet never immediately after combat, due to Shinku's own preference to keep her sisters intact.  In her last moments after her body is taken by Kirakishou, Hinaichigo reaches out only to Shinku, knowing she would respond, and entrusts Shinku with her Rosa Mystica.  In the manga, this is primarily because Hinaichigo wants Shinku to use their combined power to protect their loved ones.[2] In the anime, she states it is because she loves Shinku.[3]

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