Judica and Madulin
Hair color White
Eye color Yellow-orange
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Alice Game
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Manga Tale 48

Judica and Madulin are fake Rozen Maiden twin dolls, possibly to be a counterfeit version of Suiseiseki and Souseiseki. They were both made by Kaito.


They have long, white, wavy hair and one eye sewn shut (Judica's right, Madulin's left). Most of their front torsos are exposed, revealing their insides that appear filled with gears that spin when they are together. They are held together by many belts around their waists, these belts break apart when they separate. Both wear a ragged white dress, white wrappings around their legs, detached sleeves, a choker with a ribbon tied up under the face, and a small white hat with roses on it.


The two seem incredibly close to one other, as they are twin dolls and share the same heart. When together, they speak as unison and even sing nursery rhymes, as well as songs like "rock a by baby".



Weapons and Skills

They can separate from each other and grow an extra arm. They are very fast, according to Shinku. When connected they are able to heal each other.

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