Judica ad Maludin appear while Shinku, Kanaria, and Suiseiseki are deciding to drink a potion to get a key. Above them are Judica and Madulin singing "Rock a By Baby". They soon split up and attack the dolls while growing an extra arm.
Judica chokes Shinku when Kanaria lauches an attack on her, which causes Shinku to spill the potion on Judica. The latter starts turning somehow "mutant" at an alarming rate. Madulin tries to save her by coming together. They are able to grab each other's hand, but Judica's arm has a huge muscle, so she rips out Madulin's arm, while Suiseiseki interferes with her vines.
Later on, Judica has died. A while after, not-wound Jun finds Suiseiseki unconcious. He was working with Kirakishou's replica self. He orders her "minions" to wind Suiseiseki up. Just when they are doing what they are told, they get stabbed by Judica's corpse, just before Suiseiseki gets wounded. Madulin, who somehow cannot see, thinks Suiseiseki is Judica, brought to her by Kaito to fit her to be the new "Judica".

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