As the very first doll that Jun meets, he is often seen as a slave rather than a medium to Shinku. He is forced to fetch her tea and often abused, most commonly, hit on the foot or in the face with either her cane or hair. Despite this "tsundere" behavior, they are very close.


Suiseiseki is the second doll that Jun meets, (third in the manga). Suiseiseki at first treats Jun with overall disdain for being a "chibi-human", but this grows into a deep affection, arguably to the point of a crush. She makes several attempts to impress Jun, but these usually do not end well, due to Jun's obliviousness of Suiseiseki's feelings, interference from the other dolls, or Suiseiseki's own shyness. This causes Suiseiseki to act "tsundere" towards him, much to his confusion and annoyance.


Nori Sakurada

Tomoe Kashiwaba


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