Kazuki Shibasaki
Kazuki Shibasaki.jpg
Kanji 柴崎 一樹
Rōmaji Shibasaki Kazuki
Hair color Black
Eye color Black-Brown
Gender Male
Occupation None
Status Deceased
Alice Game
Partner None
Voice Actors
Japanese Megumi Matsumoto
English Barbara Goodson
First Appearance
Anime Rozen Maiden - Episode 08

Kazuki Shibasaki (柴崎 一樹 Shibasaki Kazuki) is a minor character in Rozen Maiden. He is the deceased son of Motoharu Shibasaki and Matsu Shibasaki.


Kazuki is shown to be a short boy with black hair that is cut in the shape of an upside-down bowl and black-brown eyes.


In the anime of Rozen Maiden, Souseiseki is mistaken as Kazuki by Motoharu. The latter is overprotective of 'his son', as he is driven insane by the death of his real son and his wife falling into a coma. However, Kazuki is the Shibasakis' real deceased son. After Kazuki's death, he exists only in his mother's dreams. When Suiseiseki and Souseiseki enter Matsu's respective dream world, Kazuki asks them to wake his mother up, and let her know that it is time for her to move on and not dream about him anymore. When he dies and Souseiseki was found, since she is a tomboy, his father replaced Kazuki with Souseiseki.


Rozen Maiden

Kazuki is first seen in his mom's dream world. He explains to Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, and Nori Sakurada that he wants to keep his mom near him. The trio bring him back to his senses, and Kazuki tells his mom to go and wake up, so he can please both his parents, along with bringing Motoharu back to his senses.


  • The name Kazuki means "one" (一) (kazu) and "tree" (樹) (ki).
  • Kazuki's surname Shibasaki means "brush, firewood" (柴) (shiba) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).


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