Kiku color.png
Rōmaji Kiku
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Occupation Maid
Status Alive (as of Rozen Maiden 0)
Alice Game
Partner Suiseiseki[1] (Formerly)
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Manga Floor 1

Kiku (菊 Kiku) was a maid who worked at the Rose Mansion of the Yuibishi family during Japan's Taisho era. She is the main human protagonist of Rozen Maiden 0 and a former master of Suiseiseki.


Kiku has brown hair that is usually pulled back in a braid-style with the braid itself framing the bottom of her head. Her eyes are a similar shade of brown.

She is usually seen wearing a kimono-style outfit with a red and white arrow pattern. A white apron-like accessory covers most of the front of the outfit.


At first, Kiku is a timid and clumsy girl. She was not always like this, as she seemed much more outgoing as a child, taking the lead between and her and her sister, Hana.

As she interacts with Suiseiseki she eventually overcomes her fears of city life. She tried to hide her country accent at work and adopted adding "-desu" at the end of her sentences to blend in better, but she went back to her old country accent and dialect after trying it out and liking the positive reaction of the head maid. Her relationships with her coworkers and the young master of the Yuibishi family also improve with Suiseiseki's suggestions.


Kiku grew up in Japan's countryside with her sister, Hana. When they were children, she carried Hana back to their parents after Hana fell out of a tree. Later on, she noticed how often a boy named Masao came over to visit them and she assumed he was there to see Hana. Hana would learn that he was actually there because he was interested in Kiku, though a relationship between them (Kiku and Masao) apparently never happened [2]. Prior shortly to Rozen Maiden 0 she moved away from the country to live in Tokyo and get a job. She works as a maid in the Rose Mansion. 

Rozen Maiden 0

While cleaning the attic one day she discovered Suiseiseki and took the doll back to her room to look at further. She then discovered Suiseiseki's wind-up key and wound the doll up. At first the doll is distrusting of Kiku but the two eventually open up to each other.[3]



Hana is Kiku's younger sister, though the two were born in the same year. In threat of danger, she becomes very concerned over Hana, such as when Hana fell from a tree or when she disappeared.

She seems to feel some degree of inferiority towards Hana, which may stem from Hana being considered the prettier of them as kids and then Hana getting a job at "magnificent" location. This is even directly voiced by her when she asks Suiseiseki why she can't be like Hana. However, she either quickly overcomes this as they interact more or this aspect is simply forgotten about.

Kiku is always excited to meet with Hana, though Hana at first does not want her company. She is deeply saddened that Hana wants nothing to do with her.[2] However, over time, the two become close during the search for Rabbit-Head. Hana tells her that she'll pay Kiku company if Kiku wants it, and Kiku tells her that she'll protect her.[4]


Suiseiseki is the Rozen Maiden doll that Kiku becomes contracted to. She finds the doll while cleaning the attic of the Rose Mansion and after winding her up the two quickly become friends, albeit with a rough start. Kiku listens to what Suiseiseki has to say and decides to use her natural accent at the doll's suggestion. This makes her job easier and Kiku thanks Suiseiseki for giving her the confidence. Suiseiseki strikes a deal with Kiku that if she can remember who she is, then Kiku must shout something with confidence from the top of the Youunkaku. Because Suiseiseki lacks her case, the doll sleeps with Kiku in her bed. [3]

Eventually she fulfills her end of the promise between her and Suiseiseki. At the top of the Youunkaku, Kiku shouts what she feels strongly about, that she loves Suiseiseki.[4]

In the N-field, Kiku rushes to Suiseiseki's aid once she feels that something is wrong with her. She discovers that the Suiseiseki she met in the city was an illusion. Kiku speaks to the real Suiseiseki as everyone unisons with Suiseiseki's song, talking about how much she appreciated Suiseiseki's company. Kiku's voice reaches Suiseiseki, who reacts in recognition. The final scene with the two has Suiseiseki arriving for tea with Kiku.[5]



  • The name Kiku means "chrysanthemum" (菊).


  • Hana mentions that she and Kiku were born in the same year, although Kiku is older.[2]

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