Kiku color
Rōmaji Kiku
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Occupation Maid
Status Alive (as of Rozen Maiden 0)
Alice Game
Partner Suiseiseki[1] (Formerly)
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Manga Floor 1

Kiku (菊 Kiku) was a maid who worked at the Rose Mansion of the Yuibishi family during Japan's Taisho era. She is the main human protagonist of Rozen Maiden 0 and a former master of Suiseiseki.


Kiku has brown hair that is usually pulled back in a braid-style with the braid itself framing the bottom of her head. Her eyes are a similar shade of brown.

She is usually seen wearing a kimono-style outfit with a red and white arrow pattern. A white apron-like accessory covers most of the front of the outfit.


At first, Kiku is a timid and clumsy girl. She was not always like this, as she seemed much more outgoing as a child, taking the lead between and her and her sister, Hana.

As she interacts with Suiseiseki she eventually overcomes her fears of city life. She tried to hide her country accent at work and adopted adding "-desu" at the end of her sentences to blend in better, but she went back to her old country accent and dialect after trying it out and liking the positive reaction of the head maid. Her relationships with her coworkers and the young master of the Yuibishi family also improve with Suiseiseki's suggestions.


  • Hana mentions that she and Kiku were born in the same year, though Kiku is older.[2]


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