Kiku grew up in Japan's countryside with her sister, Hana. When they were children, she carried Hana back to their parents after Hana fell out of a tree. Later on, she noticed how often a boy named Masao came over to visit them and she assumed he was there to see Hana. Hana would learn that he was actually there because he was interested in Kiku, though a relationship between them (Kiku and Masao) apparently never happened[1]. Prior shortly to Rozen Maiden 0 she moved away from the country to live in Tokyo and get a job. She works as a maid in the Rose Mansion. 


Rozen Maiden 0

While cleaning the attic one day she discovered Suiseiseki and took the doll back to her room to look at further. She then discovered Suiseiseki's wind-up key and wound the doll up. At first the doll is distrusting of Kiku but the two eventually open up to each other.[2]

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