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Kanji 雪華綺晶
Rōmaji Kirakishō
Title Schnee Kristall / Snow Crystal
Hair color White (Manga and 2004 Anime), Peach (2013 Anime)
Eye color Yellow
Gender Female
Status Alive
Alice Game
Number Seventh Rozen Maiden
Master Odille Fosset(Formerly)[1],
Jun Sakurada[2]
Weapons White rose vines, white roses
Voice Actors
Japanese Chiemi Chiba[3]
English Carli Mosier
First Appearance
Manga Phase 29
Anime Rozen Maiden Träumend - Episode 12 (cameo),
Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen - Episode 01

Kirakishou (雪華綺晶 Kirakishō, Schnee Kristall[4][5] / Snow Crystal) is the seventh and final doll of the Rozen Maiden series.


Kirakishou is taller than some of the dolls, despite being the youngest. Kirakishou wears a white, ornately ruffled dress. On her head are two small roses tied to her hair, and she wears tall white boots. She has been shown with white hair, and her single eye is yellow; her right eye is not an eye, but simply a white rose growing from the socket. In the manga, Shinku quotes: "Her left eye can see everything, but reflects nothing, while her right eye is an empty hole, with a white rose growing out of it."[6] Kirakishou's hair in the 2013 anime is a peach blonde, and her flowers are white.


Kirakishou often acts a little insane, repeating what others say at times. Kirakishou's insanity most likely stems from her obsession towards a physical body because Rozen never gave her a physical body. Kirakishou also is seemingly attached to the Jun in the not-wound world. She cries for his help when being rejected by Souseiseki's body and is devastated to hear that he doesn't need her to change his world. In the Final Tale, she appears to be shy towards her new life of having a physical body and asking if she could be in any use in the Final Tale and when wearing Japanese clothing for the first time. She also appears to be obedient towards her sisters.



Kirakishou is the seventh and final doll Rozen created. She was never given a physical body resulting for her take the bodies of others and not care about the Alice Game.

Rozen Maiden: Die Zwillinge

Rozen Maiden: Rot-Schwarz

Rozen Maiden 0

Rozen Maiden

Manga Season 1

Die Romane der Rozen Maiden: Schwarzer Wind

Die Romane der Rozen Maiden: Kalkgrün Augen

Manga Season 2

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen


Odille Fosset

Odille is Kirakishou's master, which was confirmed in Volume 8 of the manga where Odille's ring was a contract to Kirakishou instead of Hinaichigo. However, both haven't been seen to interact with each other, excluding Odille obtaining the ring in her dream. Her physical body is shown to be in a vegetative state, her mind trapped by Kirakishou in a dream world. Kirakishou calls the unconscious Odille "master".


Although Kirakishou is Suigintou's enemy for taking away her master, Megu Kakizaki, Kirakishou seems to admire her elder sister, as she mentions this in Volume 7 of the manga.


Rozen is her creator and father.

Jun Sakurada (Unwound World)

Kirakishou refers to adult Jun as her "master".

Weapons and Skills

Kirakishou has the ability to shoot rose vines. She uses the rose vines to strangle or grab anybody she chooses. She also uses the rose vines to create a web-like structure to crawl around the N-Field.

She can trap people's consciousnesses into the N-Field, sealing them into white crystals. As seen with Odille, one of her victims, people whose souls have been trapped fall into a deep slumber in the real world, trapped in a scenario of Kirakishou's choosing. This helps to fuel Kirakishou's desire for a tremendous amount of power, something which a single master would not be able to provide.

She has also been able to change her form in the N-field to resemble other dolls for deceptive purposes.


  • "Humans who can make a contract with Rozen Maidens are dolls of my own. I will have them become the seedbed for the white rose which is me." - To Suigintou in Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen ("Tale 5")


  • The name Kirakishou means "snow flower beautiful crystal" (雪華綺晶).


  • The correct translation of Kirakishou would be "Funkelnder Schneekristall / Sparkling Snow Crystal".
  • Kirakishou originally has white hair and a white dress in the manga. But in the 2013 anime she has blonde hair and a white dress with a butter yellow tint.
  • Kirakishou tends to repeat things others say, especially Shinku's words.
  • Kirakishou's eye has been described as being olive-green on one instance.[7]

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