Rozen is her creator and also known as Father.

Jun Sakurada

Kirakishou refers to adult Jun as her "Master''.He is also partly her medium.

Odille Fosset

Odille Fosset is Corinne's granddaughter and believe's that the rose ring she has is her grandmother's old contract ring to Hinaichigo.Her physical body is shown to be in a vegetative state, her mind trapped by Kirakishou in a dream world,Odille is accompanied by an illusion of Hinaichigo asking her to stay and play with her forever. Kirakishou calls the unconscious Odille as "Master," and in Volume 8, it is confirmed that the ring Odille wears is actually a contract with Kirakishou, making her the seventh Rozen Maiden's medium.


Odille Fosset

Odille is Kirakishou's medium, which was confirmed in Volume 8 of the manga where Odille's ring was a contract to Kirakishou instead of Hinaichigo. However, both haven't been seen to interact with each other, excluding Odille obtaining the ring in her dream. Kirakishou had took away her own medium's consciousness.


Although Kirakishou is Suigintou's enemy for taking away her medium, Megu Kakizaki, Kirakishou seems to admire her elder sister, as she mentions this in Volume 7 of the manga.

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