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Laplace's Demon
Kanji ラプラスの魔
Rōmaji Rapurasu no Ma
Hair color White
Eye color Red
Gender Male
Height 200cm[1]
Occupation Alice Game Referee
Status Alive
Alice Game
Partner None
Voice Actors
Japanese Satoshi Mikami
English David Wald
First Appearance
Manga Phase 5

Laplace's Demon / Laplace no Ma (ラプラスの魔 Rapurasu no Ma) is a humanoid with a rabbit's head who dwells in the N-field.[2] He is the referee to the Alice Game and often assists the protagonists through riddles or as a directional guide.


Laplace's Demon is a humanoid white rabbit in a traditionally black tuxedo and a top hat in the same shade with a band, colored in a lighter shade of grey. The tuxedo features a black bow tie and a white shirt underneath. He has red eyes, which, along with his white fur, makes him an albino rabbit. His ears are upstanding and reach up to approximately twice the height of his head. Coming from his cheeks and eyebrow muscles, there are whiskers shown as slim lines. On his feet, he wears black leather shoes, while his hands are covered with snow white gloves.


Laplace's Demon is neither sinister nor kind, and tends to speak in riddles. His brief appearances in the N-Field leave the Rozen Maiden with nothing more than poetic and seemingly nonsensical advice. Nothing is known about Laplace's Demon beyond what he and Shinku says.

It would appear that when Jun was at a much younger age, the two have crossed paths with Laplace masquerading as a puppet master, showing Jun a brief look into the various incarnations of Rozen, although debatably, that might have happened instead in Jun's dream.





  • Laplace is a very clear reference to Rozen Maiden's inspiration taken from "Alice in Wonderland," with appearance and personality deriving from both the white rabbit and the Cheshire cat.
  • Laplace shares his name with Pierre-Simon Laplace, a mathematician and astronomer.[3] It is possible Laplace is the anthropomorphization of the mathematician's theory of Laplace's Demon, which is a being capable of knowing all the momentums of all particles and it therefore able to predict all possible outcomes of space.

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