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This is a list of characters who appear in media but do not have enough content for full articles.


Alice (Rot-Schwarz)

Alice is Shinku's master during the events of Rot Schwarz.

She appears to be the same person as the real-life Alice Liddell.

Alice (Rozen Maiden (2008))

Alice is Rozen's deceased daughter. His grief over her death ultimately lead to him creating the Rozen Maiden.[1]



In-universe nickname. Arachne is fake doll in the N-Field. She is Kirakishou's creation. Her back opens up and a multitude of arms come out. She is noted by Suigintou as acting similarly to Shinku.[2] Her name is unknown, but she is referred to using the character "Arachne" in a song that Judica and Madulin sing.


Clara is Rudolph's cousin. She enjoys playing with Suiseiseki, though the two can get very carried away. She eventually is married off to another land and is only seen again when Suiseiseki and Souseiseki enter her dream so they can request that Leoš be spared from prison.


"Dodo" is the nickname Alice gives to Dodgson.

He appears to be the same person as the real-life Charles Lutwidge Dodgson.


Hozumi is a maid who works for Kazuha Yuibishi. She has worked at the Rose Mansion for most of her life along with her mother. At some point, she ended up falling in love with Kazuha, but refuses to confess. She asks Suiseiseki to please stop Kazuha's revenge plan. 


Jabberwock is a dragon-like entity that lives in the N-Field.



Kittredge is a 13-year-old boy going to university. It is revealed that he has an older sister named Beatrice Fairbanks, which would make his full name Kittredge Fairbanks.



Kodougu is a doll who takes Shinku's place in the unwound world after Shinku leaves. Her name means "small prop".


Leoš is Suiseiseki's former master seen in flashbacks of Die Zwillinge. His full name is revealed to be Leoš Kopeki. He is a glassmaker, like his father, and a good friend of Rudolph. When Matthias took the throne from Rudolph, Leoš was thrown into prison due to being a great craftsman at a young age causing many to envy him and his ability. Suiseiseki and Souseiseki are appalled by this decision and recuse him from jail. As they flee on one of Suiseiseki's vines, Leoš is shot at and falls into a river. He is picked up by a passing boat and although the dolls mention that he will probably be fine, his fate is ultimately unknown.


Mary is Suigintou's former master seen in a flashback of Rot Schwarz

She appears to be the same person as the real-life Mary Shelley.

Masao Urano

A young man who lived in the same village as Kiku and Hana. He liked Kiku and gave gifts of vegetables to them, but Kiku misunderstood his intentions and thought he was interested in Hana. He later admitted to Hana his interest in Kiku. [3]


Matthias is Rudolph's younger brother. During the events of Die Zwillinge, he forcibly takes the throne from Rudolph, becoming the new emperor. 

He appears to be the same person as the real-life Holy Roman Emperor, Matthias.


Nori Sakurada (Unwound World)

Nori Sakurada's unwound world counterpart and the sister of unwound Jun Sakurada. She works as an office lady and sends Jun many things.[4]


Rudolph is Souseiseki's former master seen in flashbacks of Die Zwillinge. He is the emperor of an empire but is more interested with the arts than ruling. His reign is cut short when his brother, Matthias, successfully stages a coup for the throne. Rudolph is forced out of the palace and, in his grief over these events, the contract between him and Souseiseki breaks.

He appears to be the same person as the real-life Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolph II.


Sahara is one of Megu's nurses.[5]


Tycho is an alchemist who Rudolph speaks with often.

He appears to be the same person as the real-life Tycho Brahe.

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