Mitsu Kusabue

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Kanji 草笛 みつ
Rōmaji Kusabue Mitsu
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black (2004), Brown (2013)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Alice Game
Partner Kanaria
Voice Actors
Japanese Akiko Kawase
English Jean Brown
First Appearance
Anime N/A

Mitsu "Micchan" Kusabue (草笛 みつ Kusabue Mitsu) , also known as Micchan (みっちゃん) or Mit-chan (As translated in the Tokyopop manga), is a human and the master of the second doll, Kanaria.


In the manga, she has freckles, whereas her anime counterpart lacks this trait. She wears glasses, has bangs, and a slender frame.


Micchan has an obession with dolls. She loves dolls to the point of obsession, which shows in both her room's decor and her frequent doting on Kanaria; she has shelves upon shelves crammed full of dolls, and makes frequent trips to the doll shop to purchase gifts for Kanaria. Although her work attire is that of an office lady, she is introduced as a professional photographer by Kanaria to the other dolls. In the manga, Micchan reveals that she has quit her old, comfortable job and becomes a pattern make for doll's dresses, selling her products on her personal website called "Angels Cage", despite the increased workload and the minor success. Micchan is generally regarded as being just as harmless and eccentric as Kanaria. She only appears in Rozen Maiden Träumend and the manga.

She never actually meets Jun in the anime, but in the manga, Kanaria brings her to the Sakurada residence, where Micchan shortly after nicknames Jun as "Junjun." She recognizes Jun's natural talent in designing and making dresses and offered a form of partnership, though Jun refuses.

In Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen, Micchan is a girl who wound world young Jun is e-mailing 16m15s into episode 07, explaining how he is not able to get e-mails through to his older self of the unwound world, but is able to receive the replies. He mails her from his e-mail that begins with "fjvd574@doko" and is sending it to her work e-mail address that begins with "michi7313". This indicates that her name is or begins with "Michi" and that "Mic-chan" (pronounced like mich-chan or mi-chan) is simply his nickname for her.





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