The N-Field is a vast other world separate from the real world.


In Anime

The N-Field is a place where the Rozen Maidens go fighting during the Alice Game. There are many N-Fields in the series of Rozen Maiden. Each Rozen Maiden also comes with its own N-Field, or artificial world. For example, Hinaichigo's world is made of candy, toys, and other sweet things, while Suigintou's world is dark, depressing, and falling apart. At one point in the Träumend season, an N-Field was created outside Jun's window after Suigintou went into Shinku's dream and poured out her cup of tea on the floor. N-Fields may be accessed or exited by a reflective surface, such as a puddle, the mirror in the storeroom (which is the most used), or a glass display case.

Notable Locations



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