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Nori Sakurada
Kanji 桜田 のり
Rōmaji Sakurada Nori
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Height 160cm[1]
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Alice Game
Partner None
Voice Actors
Japanese Noriko Rikimaru
English Minx Lee
First Appearance
Manga Prolouge Part A
Anime Rozen Maiden - Episode 01

Nori Sakurada (桜田 のり Sakurada Nori) is the older sister of Jun Sakurada who is portrayed as a lacrosse player where she has given up a lot of school activities since she has to care for Jun while their parents are overseas.


Nori has light brown hair, brown eyes and she wears oval-shaped glasses that she is apparently virtually blind without, as in one episode she trips and loses them and is unable to see Kanaria sitting about four feet away from her. She wears a white tee shirt with a blue vest over it, and blue pants.


Her hair color was changed to a darker shade of brown in the 2013 anime.


An avid lacrosse player, Nori had to give up many of her other hobbies when she assumed parental care of Jun while their parents are out of the country on business. She is kind and gentle towards Jun, although initially resistant to the responsibility, which he has not entirely forgiven her for. She unfortunately takes the brunt of Jun's abuse and criticism. Nori is quick to find, get, and resort to books for cures, treatments and copings with Jun Sakurada's hikikomori-ism. Early in manga volume one, when she hears Jun and Shinku arguing in his bedroom she leaps to the conclusion that he has developed schizophrenia, and gets a book on that.

Shinku constantly provides Nori with advice on everything from the proper way to brew tea, to the best way to treat Jun. Nori is very fond of the dolls who live and play in her house, and also seems to be dangerous when angered; at one point she becomes angry at Suiseiseki, Hinaichigo, Shinku and Jun for having created a mess of food at the stairs, and later in the same chapter Suiseiseki mentions that Nori is the boss of the house, and someone they do not want to anger. [2]




  • "Hello Mr. Onion, hello Mr. Carrot! Hi there Mr. Potato! Hello hello hello!... Why hello Mr. Strawberry I think I'll take you home!" - Nori Sakurada (Rozen Maiden, Episode 05)


  • Nori's surname Sakurada means "cherry blossom" (櫻) (sakura) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (da).
    • Part of the name Sakura can also mean "blossom" (咲) (saku) and "good, virtuous, respectable" (良) (ra).


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