Odille Fosset

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Kanji オディール・フォッセー
Rōmaji Odīru Fossē
Gender Female
Occupation None
Status Alive
Alice Game
Partner Kirakishou[1]
Voice Actors
Japanese Rina Ishii
First Appearance
Manga Phase 33

Odille Fosset (オディール・フォッセー Odīru Fossē) is Corinne's granddaughter. She moved from France to Japan to fulfill her grandmother's dying wish to find Hinaichigo.



Odille came to the Sakurada home claiming to be Hinaichigo's mistress, since she received a rose ring from a white-clothed doll in a dream, believing it to be her grandmother's old contract ring to Hinaichigo.

In Volume 7, Odille's physical body is shown to be in a vegetative state, her mind trapped by Kirakishou in a dream world similar to the one in which Hinaichigo had previously trapped Tomoe. There, Odille is accompanied by an illusion of Hinaichigo asking her to stay and play with her forever. Kirakishou addresses the unconscious Odille as "Master," and in Volume 8, it is confirmed that the ring Odille wears is indeed a contract with Kirakishou, making her the seventh Rozen Maiden's mistress.



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