Title Father
Hair color Blonde
Gender Male
Occupation Doll Maker, Alchemist
Status Alive
Alice Game
Partner N/A
Voice Actors
Japanese N/A
First Appearance
Manga tale 96
Anime Rozen Maiden - Episode 01

Rozen is identified as the creator of the Rozen Maiden Dolls throughout the series. They consider him to be their father and call him that.


His appearance is not shown thoroughly in the anime, with only brief glimpses. He has wavy blonde hair which is tied back into a ponytail (marking an interesting resemblance to Enju, his apprentice). Although, as he seems to exhibit sorcerous powers, he may be able to hide from view or alter his own appearance. His appearance is shown in the manga although his face is hollow. His face is fully shown from the side in the anime although the lighting makes his eye color uncertain. 


Rozen had a daughter by the name of Alice, who died for an unknown reason. At first his objective in making living dolls was to bring his daughter back, but none of the dolls he made would be able to take her place, and soon he drove himself insane and his reasoning became less about bringing his daughter back and more about making the perfect little girl (though the perfect little girl is still most likely modeled after his daughter). Thus the Rozen Maidens were made, using pieces of his own heart as the rosa mysticas, he gave the chance at obtaining Alice.
Rozen has eternally watched over the Alice Game (most likely from the N-Field) and appears to have attained a very long (possibly immortal) lifespan, like his dolls, as he watches them progress throughout the centuries.
He has gone by many aliases throughout time, such as the Count of St. Germain or Alessandro Cagliostro. The dolls refer to him as 'Father' (In Japanese, they refer to as "Otou-sama". "Otou" is an address to one's father, "-sama" which is a very respectful honorific suffix in Japanese).
In the anime, he speaks to Shinku various times and indicates that besides battling, there is another way to end the Alice Game. It is also apparent that he had an apprentice named Enju and an assistant named Laplace's Demon], who is a humanoid rabbit that deals as a go-between with Enju in Rozen Maiden Träumend.


  • Rozen's desire to make the dolls stems from the death of his daughter - He wanted to recreate her but ultimately failed. Therefore he decided to make the perfect girl; Alice, by creating a perfect living doll.
  • Since Kaito Toriumi seems to be able to make living dolls without the need of a Rosa Mystica, this could mean that Rozen has also made several other living dolls, only to destroy them for not measuring up to Alice.
  • While we do not know his exact age, he was stated to be over 2,000 years old.
  • Rozen may very well be a false name, Shinku has stated herself that she does not know his real name.
  • It is currently believed that he is in the N-field, but someplace where even Kirakishou can not find him. The dolls are not allowed to see him until one of them becomes "Alice" and if they somehow come close to the world he is staying in, Laplace will promptly make them go to another world within the N-field.

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