This two-episode Rozen Maiden special was aired on December 22 and 23, 2006 on TBS in Japan. It is a brief prequel to the events of the TV series. Ouvertüre (オーベルテューレ ōberuchiyūre), German for "Overture", is set at some point during Träumend (most likely between episodes six and seven) and answers critical questions about Suigintou's past, particularly those pertaining to the rivalry she holds with Shinku. The majority of the two-episode special is told by Souseiseki and takes place as a flashback to the nineteenth century in London.

Ali Project once again lends its talents for the opening song. As with the series, Kukui sings the ending theme.

List of Episodes

No. Screenshot Title Translation Air date
01 Ouvertüre 01 Ewigkeit
(悠久 Yūkyū)
Eternity December 22, 2006
02 Ouvertüre 02 Eitelkeit
(虚飾 Kyoshoku)
Vanity December 23, 2006

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