The first manga was adapted into a two-season anime. The first season ran from 7 October 2004 to 23 December 2004. The second season appeared a year later, it was subtitled Träumend (トロイメント toroimento, German for "dreaming"), and ran from 20 October 2005 to 5 January 2006. In 2006, a two-episode special titled Ouvertüre (オーベルテューレ ōberuchyūre, German for "overture") was aired on December 22 and 23, further expanding on the background of the characters.

The anime adaptation, although using the same premise as the manga, develops a different story, and introduces original characters that have not made an appearance in the manga. Both TV series and the special were directed by Kō Matsuo and aired in Japan in TBS and BS-i (now BS-TBS). The Japanese bands Ali Project and Kukui provided the opening themes and closing themes, respectively, of each production. In TV Asahi's "Top 100 Anime Ranking" polled in 2006, Rozen Maiden was ranked 9th on the list.

The second season, Rozen Maiden: Träumend, was an original arc that diverges from the manga. Continuing from the first season, Jun has not yet returned to middle school, but studies at home to compensate for the lost time. He is also more willing to socialize, especially with his classmate Tomoe, and he has grown fond of living with the ever-present Rozen Maiden dolls.

List of Episodes

No. Screenshot Title Translation Air date
01 Episode 01 Fräulein Rose
(薔薇乙女 Bara Otome)
Miss Rose October 7, 2004
02 S1EP02 Screenshot Kleine Beere
(雛苺 Hinaichigo)
Little Berry October 14, 2004
03 S1EP03 Screenshot Mercury Lampe
(水銀燈 Suigintou)
Mercury Lamp October 21, 2004
04 S1EP04 Screenshot Jade Stern
(翠星石 Suiseiseki)
Jade Star October 28, 2004
05 S1EP05 Screenshot Die Treppe
(階段 Kaidan)
The Stairs November 4, 2004
06 S1EP06 Screenshot Tranen
(涙 Namida)
Tears November 11, 2004
07 S1EP07 Screenshot Träume
(夢 Yume)
Dreams November 18, 2004
08 S1EP08 Screenshot Lapislazuri Stern
(蒼星石 Souseiseki)
Lapis Lazuli Star November 25, 2004
09 S1EP09 Screenshot Die Gefängnis
(檻 Ori)
The Prison December 2, 2004
10 S1EP10 Screenshot Abschied
(別離 Betsuri)
Parting December 9, 2004
11 S1EP11 Screenshot Schicksal
(運命 Unmei)
Fate December 16, 2004
12 S1EP12 Screenshot Reiner Rubin
(真紅 Shinku)
Pure Ruby December 23, 2004

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