Jade Stern
English Suiseiseki
Kanji 翠星石
Rōmaji Suiseiseki / Jade Stern
Release October 28, 2004
Running Time 25 Minutes
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03. Mercury Lampe 05. Die Treppe

Suiseiseki / Jade Stern (翠星石 Suiseiseki) is the fourth episode of the Rozen Maiden anime series. It first aired in Japan on October 28, 2004.


It's almost time for bed, but that doesn't stop Shinku and Hinaichigo from making quite the racket for Jun. Out of nowhere a large wooden case comes careening through the window, shattering it once again. From it emerges Suiseiseki, the third Rozen Maiden doll. After an egregiously long reunion hug, the gang relocates downstairs for a snack. Shinku and Hina ask about Suiseiseki's master, to which she responds by throwing food at Jun and saying only that she hates humans. The next morning, Suiseiseki lays down some red tape around Jun's bed and orders him not to cross the line. Shinku explains that Suiseiseki is "timid and fragile" (yeah right) and says that Jun could benefit from Suiseiseki's gardener powers. To set the example, Shinku asks Suiseiseki to help steer him onto the right track. Jun and the dolls are thus transported into his own dream world - a drab gray landscape filled with broken electronics and school supplies. * * Suiseiseki wastes no time layering on the insults. The gang explores for a bit before being chased by a monster made from wads of papers. A bit of self-determination gets Jun to shred the paper monster, and the group locates a more pleasant section of Jun's dream world - a sparkling pond surrounded by a forest. They wade across the pond and find a minuscule shrub that Suiseiseki claims is a representation of Jun's mental state. Her abilities by themselves only result in marginal growth of the shrub (i.e. marginal improvement in Jun's wellbeing), so they agree to come back when they also have the powers of Souseiseki, the fourth Rozen Maiden doll and fraternal twin to Suiseiseki. Upon escaping the dream world, Shinku suggests that Suiseiseki and Jun form a contract, to which both parties object. But later that night, a sign of relaxing tensions is shown when Suiseiseki removes the red tape border within which she had previously hoped to confine Jun.

Important Events

  • Suiseiseki makes her first appearance.


  • "Jade Stern" is German and means "Jade Star". A more proper translation of "Suiseiseki" would be "Jade Stein" meaning "Jade Stone."


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