English Dreams
Rōmaji Yume / Träume
Release November 18, 2004
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Dreams / Träume (夢 Yume) is the seventh episode of the Rozen Maiden anime series. It first aired in Japan on November 18, 2004.


Jun is quite saddened by the apparent loss of Shinku. Suiseiseki thinks about taking her place as the master of Jun and Hinaichigo. Downstairs, Yamamoto is mistaken by a very tired Nori for a solicitor. Jun, Suiseiseki, and Hina try various methods to wake Shinku to no avail. Jun researches online and finds only one book that might be of use. At the public library, he finds that the books are being stored at the middle school while the library undergoes renovations. Now he must face his fears and re-enter the epicentre of his traumatic past. * *

A panic attack discourages Jun from entering the school, so he returns empty-handed to find that Hina has also become inanimate, as she shares Shinku's life force. Jun settles in a deep depression and Nori's attempts to cheer him up don't go well. The next day, Jun decides to try again. He sneaks into the school only to be confronted by a locked library door. Tomoe has a key, so she lets him in. The two discuss the dolls' condition as they look through the book. Unfortunately, it cannot be checked out, so Jun reads as Tomoe transcribes the important details. According to the book, reviving them is a simple matter of releasing their artificial spirit from their case. Indeed, the book was correct, and Shinku is brought back to life. As usual, Jun is greeted with a slap to the face. Hina wakes up not long after, and the dolls playfully tease Jun about taking so long to solve problems.

Important Events


  • "Träume" is German and means "Dreams".
  • This episode contains the only instance of Shinku referring to Jun as "Jun-kun."


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