English Parting
Kanji 別離
Rōmaji Betsuri / Abschied
Release December 9, 2004
Running Time 25 Minutes
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09. Das Gefängnis 11. Schicksal

Parting / Abschied (別離 Betsuri) is the tenth episode of the Rozen Maiden anime series. It first aired in Japan on December 9, 2004.


In a dream, Suigintou convinces Shinku to schedule a duel in the near future. After waking up, Jun and Hinaichigo note that she is being less strict towards them than usual. Suiseiseki arrives on the scene, shattering the window yet again. Souseiseki joins her, foiling another one of Yamamoto's plans to ask Nori on a date. Jun and the dolls agree to help Nori practice for a play she is directing for the kindergarten. The play ends up being Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, with Nori as narrator, Shinku as Snow White, Suiseiseki as the evil witch, Souseiseki and Hina as two Dwarves, and Jun as the prince. All goes well until Snow White succumbs to the witch and the prince must kiss her to break the spell. While Suiseiseki and Hina beat up on Jun for not following the script, Souseiseki senses that Shinku isn't her usual self and tries to ask her what's wrong. * *

After the play, Nori decides to do laundry and Jun accidently walks in on the dolls in their underwear. They can't seem to understand why Jun is so embarrassed. In the laundry room, Hina annoys Suiseiseki and Souseiseki by tossing soap bubbles from the washing machine. Nori and Shinku talk about Jun's wellbeing and proper tea preparation. Shinku orders Jun to fix her dress so it doesn't fall apart in the next load of laundry. She undresses in front of him, and again is oblivious to why his face turns red. While she is mesmerised by his sewing skills, Nori and the other dolls enjoy the afternoon air as their clothes dry. Jun and Shinku discuss the fate of the dolls and the meaning of the Alice Game. Later that night, Shinku gets dressed, kisses Jun goodbye, and departs for her meeting with Suigintou.

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  • "Abschied" is German and means "Parting" or "Separation."
  • In the manga, Nori and the dolls were quite mad at Jun for walking in on them in their underwear, while Jun was instead the oblivious one. Perhaps for comedic effect, the anime reverses their reactions.


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