Reiner Rubin
English Shinku
Kanji 真紅
Rōmaji Shinku / Reiner Rubin
Release December 23, 2004
Running Time 25 Minutes
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Shinku / Reiner Rubin (真紅 Shinku) is the twelfth and final episode of the Rozen Maiden anime series. It first aired in Japan on December 23, 2004.


Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, and Hinaichigo take over fighting against Suigintou to give Jun and Shinku a chance to escape. They take up refuge in a model house that Jun built for an elementary school assignment. Shinku is of course quite distraught about her missing right arm, so Jun ventures out to find it. Suigintou believes he won't succeed, as he must make it through a lake that rekindles his traumatic memories, but to her shock he perserveres, even after being pelted with feathers. Shinku arrives on the scene, and once Jun has grabbed the arm it repairs by itself, even fixing the broken fabric on the sleeve of her dress. Now that Shinku is complete again, she and Suigintou battle once more. * *

Shinku does well against Suigintou, eventually knocking her to the ground. Suigintou's final attack is reflected back onto herself, inadvertently setting her on fire. As her clothes burn, it is shown that she has no abdomen. Suiseiseki, Souseiseki, Hina, and Nori escape to the real world. With Suigintou out of the way, Jun and Shinku get some quality time together. He does some touch-ups to her dress and brushes her hair before she fades away. Jun wakes up and finds no sign of the dolls anywhere - even the ring on his hand is gone. He takes a walk through the city, stopping to chat with Tomoe along the way. He returns to his room to find that the dolls have returned, and so has the ring. For better or worse, it's back to business as usual too - Shinku bosses him around, Hina scribbles on the floor, and the gardener twins crash through the window. Everyone goes downstairs to enjoy some Detective Kun-kun, and so the story of a boy and some magic dolls comes to an end...or does it?

Important Events

  • Shinku's arm is repaired.
  • Suigintou is defeated...for the time being, anyway.
  • Jun takes a different outlook on life and decides to return to society.


  • "Reiner Rubin" is German and means "Pure Ruby".
  • Like in Schicksal, this episode's title card appears immediately after the opening theme. It is however a completely different format, with red text over a static painting of a rose and the opening bars to Shukuteki instead of the usual jingle and rose silhouette.


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