Rozen Maiden 0
Rozen Maidne 0 vol 1.jpg
Kanji ローゼンメイデン0-ゼロー
Manga Information
Writer Peach-Pit
Illustrator Peach-Pit
Magazine Ultra Jump
Original Run February 19, 2016 - March 19, 2019
Chapters 24
Volumes 4

Rozen Maiden 0 is a prequel manga series to the original Rozen Maiden manga. It covers the mystery of the Zeroth Doll.


It is the Taisho era in Japan. A maid named Kiku works in the Rose Mansion for the young master of the Yuibishi family. While cleaning the attic, she discovers Suiseiseki and takes her back to her room to wind her up. She is at first startled by the doll moving around, and Suiseiseki hides in fear. Later, she talks to Suiseiseki about her troubles and Suiseiseki is coaxed out by it. The two form a promise that one day Kiku will shout her real feelings from the top of the Youunkaku and that Suiseiseki will remember who she is, as she has amnesia regarding her past.[1]

Kiku's sister, Hana, goes missing and Suiseiseki urges Kiku to search for her. Meanwhile, Hana meets Kanaria and Hinaichigo in the Miniature Garden. The two dolls shove her off and Hana discovers a shocking image in the N-Field, an image of the city destroyed. She exits the N-Field and right onto the young master and Kiku, who were on top of the Youunkaku.[2] During their reunion, Hana dismisses Kiku's concerns and heads off. While back at work, she finds a case and takes it home. The doll inside introduces herself as Souseiseki and later the two form a contract. Souseiseki confirms that it is the Zeroth doll causing tremors and if they can't stop her from dreaming the world will be destroyed.[3]

With this knowledge, they head off to search for the dream's seam. They run into Kiku, Suiseiseki, and the young master and together they form a detective team.

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