Rozen Maiden Strings Sound Album
Name Rozen Maiden Strings Sound Album
Release February 25, 2009
Track Numbers 13 Tracks
Album Type Cover Album

The Rozen Maiden Strings Sound Album is an album consistent of arrangements of music from various Rozen Maiden OST's as performed and arranged by UbiQuinta. It was released on February 25th, 2009.


As the name suggests, the Rozen Maiden Strings Sound Album is a cover album of various material from the Rozen Maiden soundtrack series of CD's, arranged specifically for orchestral strings only as opposed to other instruments.

The album has been strongly criticised by reviewers and listeners alike for its often sharp transitions between different soundtrack pieces within songs.

The only songs considered to be complete reproductions of their OST counterparts are tracks #1 and #13, respectively.

Track Listing

# Title Length
01 "Seishoujo Ryouiki" (聖少女領域) -Strings Sound Album Version- 4:40
02 "Laplace no Ma" (ラプラスの魔) 3:21
03 "Yasashiki Otou-sama" (優しきお父様) 2:45
04 "Otome wa Tenshin Ranman" (乙女は天真爛漫) 3:23
05 "Detective Kunkun" (探偵くんくん) 1:43
06 "Mebae" (芽生え) 4:34
07 "Shun" (瞬) 2:55
08 "Bara no Jubaku" (薔薇の呪縛) 2:17
09 "Hitori" (ヒトリ) 2:53
10 "Tatakai no Unmei" (戦いの運命) 2:46
11 "Yume no Kakera" (夢の欠片) 2:49
12 "Kibou wo Dai te" (希望を抱いて) 2:17
13 "Hikari no Rasenritsu" (光の螺旋律) -Strings Sound Album Version- 4:03

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