English Kanaria
Kanji 金糸雀
Rōmaji Kanaria
Release November 3, 2005
Running Time 25 Minutes
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02. Enju 04. Vereinbarung

Kanarienvogel (金糸雀 Kanaria) is the third episode of the second anime season, Rozen Maiden Träumend. It first aired in Japan on November 3, 2005.


It's a hot day at the Sakurada house, and it seems to be business as usual, with prankster Suiseiseki, bossy Shinku, and boisterous Hinaichigo. But outside lurks Kanaria, the second Rozen Maiden doll, and through her binoculars she conspires to steal some Rosa Mystica for herself. Incidentally, Jun and Nori are locking all the doors and windows before they leave for the day. Kanaria fails miserably at catching the front door before it closes. Instead, she rings the doorbell incessantly with hopes that she will be greeted and allowed inside. Yamamoto drops by to ask Nori on a date, and in yet another example of terrible timing, is believed to be the doorbell spammer and doused with water by Suiseiseki as revenge. Kanaria eventually finds an open bathroom window and makes her entrance. * *

Kanaria looks around the house whilst the dolls are distracted by an episode of Detective Kun-kun. They eventually hear her and set out to investigate. In Jun's room, they find that several items from the shelf have been moved, but fail to notice Kanaria hiding behind the chair. They take a break to start the teapot, but none of them notice the stray piece of paper that landed by the burner. In every room they look, Kanaria narrowly avoids detection. At the library, Tomoe teases Jun as his bag has been drawn on by Hina. They visit the doll shop again, this time seeing a glimpse of the craftsman working in the back. At the house, the paper ignites from the flame of the stove. Kanaria panicks as the fire rages, forgetting to hide when the other dolls enter the kitchen. Suiseiseki puts out the fire and Kanaria makes her grand introduction. Only Hina remembers her. Jun returns home and is not too happy about having another doll in the house. Shinku reminds everyone that all seven dolls are present, thus meaning that the Alice Game must begin soon.

Important Events

  • Kanaria, the second Rozen Maiden doll, is introduced.


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