English Contract
Kanji 契約
Rōmaji Keiyaku
Release November 10, 2005
Running Time 25 Minutes
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03. Kanarienvogel 05. Der Brief

Vereinbarung (契約 Keiyaku) is the fourth episode of the second anime season, Rozen Maiden Träumend. It first aired in Japan on November 10, 2005.


Shinku tries to distract herself from the inevitable beginning of the Alice Game by reading books. Souseiseki clashes with Suiseiseki over their opinions of the Alice Game, and although she does not wish to fight, Suiseiseki sets out to form a contract, just in case. Souseiseki convinces her to ask Jun, but Suiseiseki becomes flustered after Souseiseki tells everyone, and sets off to find someone else. When it starts to rain, Jun runs out to bring them back inside. Suiseiseki eventually asks Jun to sign a contract, storming off after he objects. She bumps into Kanaria and learns of her momentary encounter with Barasuishou earlier in the episode. Jun carries Souseiseki home as she tries to convince him to sign a contract with Suiseiseki. Back at home, Shinku and Hina are visited by Barasuishou. Suiseiseki warns Jun that he must return home at once, knowing that Shinku and Hinaichigo could be in danger. * *

Jun rushes home with Kanaria and the gardener twins in tow, to find that Shinku and Hina have been captured. They enter an unknown area of the N-field and reunite with Shinku and Hina. Laplace's Demon drops by and taunts them with a puppet-show rendition of the Alice Game. Barasuishou appears and launches several attacks against the gang. Only Souseiseki shows any resistance to her attacks, and even that is only temporary. Jun and Suiseiseki agree to sign a contract, after which she finally stands a chance. Bara is defeated for now, and the gang escapes back to the real world. Suiseiseki and Souseiseki have some difficulty parting ways. Jun catches Suiseiseki sulking behind one of his study guides and learns that Matsu always read to her before she went to bed. He agrees to read out the exciting story of algebraic equations.

Important Events

  • Suiseiseki forms a contract with Jun.


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