Der Tadel
English The Reproach
Rōmaji Kai / Imashime
Release December 15, 2005
Running Time 25 Minutes
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08. Puppenmacher 10. Tomoe

Der Tadel (戒 Kai / Imashime) is the ninth episode of the second anime season, Rozen Maiden Träumend. It first aired in Japan on December 15, 2005.


In the N-field, Souseiseki is taunted by Suigintou and Barasuishou, as if they wished to recruit her to a team. Jun, Suiseiseki, and the other dolls lament the estrangement of Souseiseki. Seeking to brighten the mood, Nori suggests that the gang set up a Nagashi Somen course for lunch. Jun builds it from some cardboard, wood, and plastic water bottles. Shinku worries about Suiseiseki's lack of appetite as Kanaria and Hinaichigo hijack the course to send other food items. Out in the city, Souseiseki watches the gang enjoy their evening from afar. Although everyone goes to bed early, Shinku is quickly disturbed by another nightmare in which she was taunted by Suigintou. * *

Suiseiseki and Hina were also awoken alongside Shinku. Noticing an odd tint to the sky, they head outside to find Suigintou and Barasuishou. Shinku's wish for pacifism provokes an attack on all three from Suigintou. While Barasuishou chases after Shinku and Hina, Souseiseki intervenes to protect Suiseiseki, challenging Suigintou to a duel in the process. Souseiseki is ultimately defeated by Suigintou, who immediately steals her Rosa Mystica. As Souseiseki fades out, she encourages Suiseiseki to go on without her.

Important Events

  • Souseiseki is defeated by Suigintou, and her Rosa Mystica is confiscated, thus eliminating one doll from the Alice Game.


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