English Tomoe
Rōmaji Tomoe
Release January 12, 2006
Running Time 25 Minutes
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09. Der Tadel 11. Rosengarten

Tomoe (巴 Tomoe) is the tenth episode of the second anime season, Rozen Maiden Träumend. It first aired in Japan on January 12, 2006.


Suigintou is elated now that she has Souseiseki's Rosa Mystica. Laplace's Demon calls a "timeout" to the Alice Game, sending Suiseiseki, Shinku, and Hinaichigo back to the real world to mourn over the loss of Souseiseki. Suiseiseki especially feels inadequate for failing to keep an earlier promise to protect her. Shinku implies that Suiseiseki and Souseiseki may cross paths again in the far future. At the hospital, Barasuishou taunts Suigintou by claiming that Megu will need more than just one Rosa Mystica to be saved, even though Megu shows improvement as is. Jun visits Enju to ask about repairing Souseiseki. Enju claims that although a doll can physically be repaired, their soul will never be the same as it once was. Upon returning home, he learns that Hina is also dying, which Shinku claims is a result of Rozen's intervention. * * Jun drops off Hina at Tomoe's house for a playdate. As Hina draws pictures, Tomoe reminisces about the times she's had with Hina. She brushes Hina's hair one last time, and Hina thanks her and all the others for all the good times before she fades away. Shinku humbly accepts Hina's Rosa Mystica and meets up with Jun, Kanaria, and Suiseiseki at the doll shop. They realise that Shirosaki is a heavily disguised Laplace's Demon. He returns to his rabbit form and formally introduces them to Barasuishou and Enju.

Important Events

  • Hinaichigo spontaneously degrades, thereby eliminating one more doll from the Alice Game.


  • This is the only episode of Träumend with the title card immediately after the opening sequence, unless Alice and its pseudo-title are counted as well.
  • Animation error: When Jun returns home from the doll shop, Nori appears halfway up the staircase rather than completely descending it.


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