Freenode has IRC channels dedicated to many wikis in wikia and wikipedia. They are available for user to enter in a real time discussions in groups of users.



Qwebirc is a a new in-browser AJAX client, based on Quakenet's Web client. This client replaced mibbit on freenode[note 1]. You can automatically join "#wikia-rozenmaiden" by simply clicking this link and choosing a nickname. To use this client manually, click here, enter a username on the "nickname" box, input "#wikia-rozenmaiden" and any other channel seperated by commas in the channels box, and click "connect." Client is located at

How to register your nickname and identify

Main article IRC on Wikia

You can register your nick with the nickserv service. Type /msg nickserv register <password> <e-mail>, e.g. /msg nickserv register foo After registering you must verify your registration using your provided e-mail otherwise it will be automatically dropped after 24 hours. When logging on later on type /msg nickserv identify <password> so that nickserv can identify you as the owner of a nick. For more help, type /msg nickserv help.

  • "/msg nickserv help" or "/msg chanserv help" is how to get official freenode help on this matter.
  • What you will see once you've registered:
-NickServ- This nickname is owned by someone else
-NickServ- If this is your nickname, type /msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password>

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