Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre

Episode 01 - Ewigkeit

Shown in the beginning of Ouvertüre, Suigintou is lying on a shelf, where Rozen left her, while he was working on the other dolls. Since her love was very strong for him, she came alive and came crawling to find him. She found her clothes and somehow managed to put them on, later continuing to search for her 'father'.
The series comes back to the present, where Suigintou went to Megu, who has received a bouquet of dark, red roses from her parents. When Megu asks her if they are magnificent, she scatters them, saying that she hates those flowers. Meanwhile, in the Sakurada house, Souseiseki begins to tell their story to Jun.
The events happened in the 19th century in London. Suiseiseki stopped the fight between Shinku and her twin, and while sitting in an N-Field, Suigintou began to emerge from the water, scaring her by asking where Rozen was. Later, she appeared out of the mirror, in Sarah's room, where she met Shinku. 

Episode 02 - Eitelkeit

Shinku started taking care of Suigintou, by teaching her how to stand up and walk, how to serve tea and many other things. Some days later, Shinku went to an N-Field, to fight Souseiseki, but Suigintou followed them through the mirror. After saying that she is the first Rozen Maiden, Souiseiseki sliced her in half. Shinku revealed that she has no Rosa Mystica, she moved because of her affection for Rozen, and that she is therefore already dead. However, Rozen recognized her as a Rozen Maiden, gave her a Rosa Mystica and even repaired her.
Later, Suigintou and Shinku met, but the latter could not believe it and stated that Suigintou is different from the other dolls by the fact that she is incomplete. Suigintou started to argue with Shinku by saying that she helped her only to feel superior and that she, the first doll, is the only one who will become Alice, while crushing Shinku's brooch of Rozen. When the two started to fight, Laplace's Demon appeared and said that the Alice Game of that era had come to an end.


Rozen Maiden

Rozen Maiden Träumend

Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen

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