Megu Kakizaki

She is Suigintou's master, but has a complicated relationship with her. Megu considers her as the dark angel who has come to take her life away. Suigintou often calls her a sick and insane master, who is suited for her. She is also the first person Suigintou has ever cared about besides Rozen. Suigintou often worries about Megu's health. She cares about her to the point that she promises that they will die together.


Shinku is the sister Suigintou despises the most. In Ouvertüre, Suigintou and Shinku are shown to actually be friends, but the friendship sours after Suigintou discovers that Shinku only pretended to be her friend out of pity and destroys a prized possession of Shinku's.
When Megu, the medium of Suigintou, shows her a bouquet of bright red roses, Suigintou destroys the bouquet, saying that she "hates roses." This obviously indicates that she either hates roses as a whole, or that she particularly dislikes bright red roses, since Shinku uses bright red rose petals as her primary weapon. (The latter is believed to be the case as she still wears rosettes on her clothes.)
The anime portrayal of Suigintou harbors a much larger hatred for Shinku then that was originally seen in the manga, in which they are still not friends, but are shown to be more as rivals rather then as enemies, (There is a situation where the two are forced to cooperate together to defeat Kirakishou, and whilst they have arguments and generally bicker comically amongst themselves, they are not mortal enemies.)
In the final battle, Shinku sees that she does not want to keep fighting, but Suigintou does. She is shocked that Suigintou would ally herself with Barasuishou. When demanded to answer why, Suigintou claims with pride it was because of their part as Rozen Maidens: fighting for the right to be Alice until one triumphs, while the others become junk. Furthermore, it was Shinku who hurt her from the beginning, bringing the younger sister to remember what she had done. Suigintou is unwilling to step down and befriend Shinku again; to become weak, like she is. Then, Shinku watches with horror as Suigintou is struck down by Barasuishou. Suigintou's animosity disappears and tearfully apologizes to Megu for failing her before dying in her little sister's embrace. At that moment, Shinku becomes enraged and attempts to avenge Suigintou's death on Barasuishou.


When Suigintou was created, Rozen abandoned his plans for her design, leaving her unfinished and without a Rosa Mystica, so she eventually started moving by herself, towards her affection for him, questioning why he would leave her behind. When she finally acquired her Rosa Mystica, she stated that Rozen gave it to her because he wanted to prove that he still loves her.

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