Kanji てふ子
Rōmaji Tefuko
Hair color Black
Eye color Red (Left, loaned from Souseiseki[1]; formerly[2])
Gender Female
Status Deceased[3]
Alice Game
Voice Actors
First Appearance
Manga Floor 6

Tefuko (てふ子 Tefuko) is a doll that the Sui-Sou Detective Team takes interest in because she is connected to Rabbit-Head.


Tefuko wears a black kimono with hexagonal circle patterns and abstracted butterfly designs on it. A hair accessory with the same pattern rests on her head. There is another piece of clothing under this with a checkerboard pattern on it. Her hands are covered by gloves with a floral pattern. A black ribbon rests just under her neck. She possesses no eyes and is noticeably much smaller than the Rozen Maiden dolls.

Her black hair extends just past her shoulders and is fairly straight in texture. The ends of her hair strands angle slightly away from her body. The bangs are very uniform in shape. Several strands of hair frame the face, giving her hair a hime cut look.


She is a doll who does not appear to be made by Rozen. The Sui-Sou Detective Team decides to investigate Ageha's father's circus in search of her. They discover the doll and Hana makes the observation that since she doesn't feel soft like Souseiseki, she must not be a Rozen Maiden. Kiku also agrees on this, as the young master is not reacting to her like he would a Rozen Maiden.[4]

Tefuko makes her first mobile appearance later when the group is baited into a large circus tent. This time, she also has a left eye, that of Souseiseki. She is seen fighting Suiseiseki, who she is no match for, forcing Rabbit-Head to retreat with her.


Weapons and Skills

She is initially known as "the singing doll" due to her mentioned singing skill. Tefuko is also able to summon butterflies when singing to use as an attack.


References and Citations

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