Kanji 山本君
Rōmaji Yamamoto
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Alice Game
Partner None
Voice Actors
Japanese Junji Majima
English Jason C. Miller
First Appearance
Anime N/A

Yamamoto (山本君 Yamamoto), also called Yamamoto-kun, is a classmate of Nori Sakurada, who only appears in the anime. His first name is unknown.



Yamamoto is a boy in Nori's class who is continually trying to confess his love to her, only to be interrupted by wild coincidences or unfortunate happenings, many of which are unintentionally caused by the dolls, and most often by Suiseiseki. He possibly only serves as a comic relief. Nori is blissfully unaware of his romantic interest, where even in one instance he tries to give her a new lacrosse racket as a gift, only for her to mistake him as a door-to-door salesrep.


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